Knights of Columbus

The Swissvale Knights of Columbus is a fraternal organization based within the Madonna del Castello Parish, with about ninety percent of our members belonging to our church. We meet the last Monday of each month in the social hall at 7:30 PM. Our mission is to spread hope, faith and charity of the Catholic faith through our fraternity. All men who are in good standing with the church, and may be interested in joining, can contact William Pfoff or Dom Petrarca by calling the rectory 412-271-5666.

Ladies of Charity

In our own time, an age characterized by efficiency and computerization, the face of humanity, suffering and loneliness, easily becomes obscured. The reality of human pain and misery may be lost in the midst of an impersonal world. The Ladies of Charity, recognizing this lack of human awareness, seek every opportunity to make Christ present by serving the material and spiritual needs of the sick, the poor, and the marginalized of our society.

• caring for babies with special needs, working with birthright centers
• working with pregnant teenagers and abused women
• working with children in literacy programs and providing scholarships
• visiting the sick, the aged, the dying in their homes, nursing homes and hospitals
• organizing social activities for families, children and the elderly
• working in soup kitchens, food banks, homeless shelters and delivering Meal on Wheels
• operating thrift shops and organizing boutiques to generate funds for emergency financial assistance

These are among the charitable works of the Ladies of Charity. The Association, in response to prayer and mutual sharing, seeks to be open to the call of Christ through the Church in meeting new forms of poverty with dedication and creativity.

When you become a Lady of Charity, you become part of a national and international organization. It functions to be “spiritual salesmen” – to bring God’s love to someone who needs it through your hands and through your heart.

All are welcome to join! Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month. Angie Cheyne is the current president. If you are interested, please call the rectory for contact information – 412-271-5666.

Ladies Fellowship

Each of us has a unique relationship with the Trinity and this unique relationship manifests itself differently in each of us. The Ladies Fellowship is a forum through which we share, enrich, and enlighten our journey of faith to our Heavenly Father.

The discussions are centered around, and guided by, short readings which are followed by discussion questions.

Madonna’s Ladies Fellowship meets from 1:30 – 3:00PM every other Monday in the church’s Social Hall. All are welcome. For more information or to join, please call Patti Aducci – 412-271-5666.

Mens Fellowship

The Men’s Fellowship Group gathers to pray and discuss issues with their faith. The group discusses their lives in light of the Catholic faith. Each session includes readings from the Bible or other passages followed by discussion among the group.

The Men’s Fellowship meets for 90 minutes every other Thursday in the Social Hall beginning at 5:30 PM. All men interested in joining should contact Wayne Sarsfield through the Parish Office – 412-271-5666